Fun and Creative Ways to Upcycle your Treaty Jewellery Gift Boxes

Fun and Creative Ways to Upcycle your Treaty Jewellery Gift Boxes

Hey there jewellery lovers and creative souls! If you're anything like me, you probably have a soft spot for those gorgeous Treaty Jewellery gift boxes. They're sleek, stylish, and just perfect for holding those precious gems. But what happens when the jewels find a new home and the box is left behind? Fear not, because I've got a treasure trove of ideas to help you give those boxes a second life! Let's dive into some fun and inventive ways to up-cycle your Treaty Jewellery gift boxes.

Treaty Gift Boxes

1. Seed Starter Trays: Don't toss your boxes out; turn them into eco-friendly seed starter trays! Add some soil, plant your favourite seeds, and watch your mini garden bloom. These little boxes are perfect for kickstarting your green thumb journey.

2. Photo Frame: Transform your Treaty Jewellery box into a charming photo frame. Just cut out a square in the lid, cover the edges with your favourite coloured tissue paper, attach a photo to the inside and voila - a unique and eye-catching frame that adds a touch of elegance to your memories. 

3. Kids Craft Projects: Get the kiddos involved by using the boxes for arts and crafts. They can decorate them, store small art supplies, or even create mini dioramas. It's a win-win - keeps them entertained and promotes recycling. 

4. Coin Collector's Haven: Keep loose change from disappearing into sofa cushions by repurposing your Treaty Jewellery box as a coin collector. It's a chic and practical solution for storing spare change. 

5. Your Travel Treasure Chest: Heading on a trip? These boxes are just the right size for organising your jewellery, accessories, or even medication. Stay organised and stylish on the go!

6. Hair Pin Holder: If your'e tired of losing hairpins and clips, repurpose your gift box to keep those hair accessories in check. Decorate the box to match your personal style and say goodbye to hair pin hunts!

7. Reuse for small gifts: Why not give the gift box a new life by using it to present small gifts to your loved ones? It adds an extra layer of thoughtfulness and shows that you care about sustainability. You could always cover the tops with your favourite colour of tissue paper to personalise it! 

8. Drawer organiser: This one is my favourite! Tired of your drawers becoming cluttered chaos? Use your Treaty Jewellery box as a drawer organiser. It's perfect for keeping small items like keys, chargers, and stationary in order. 


There you have it, a bunch of imaginative and eco-conscious ways to breathe new life into your Treaty Jewellery gift boxes. Remember, up-cycling is not only fun but also a fantastic way to reduce waste and make the most of what your have. So, next time you're about to toss a beautiful box, think twice and let your creativity run wild!

Not feeling creative? We also have a fabulous recycling scheme for unwanted Treaty Gift Boxes - check out our Luxury Box Return Initiative.

Do you have some spare Treaty Boxes?

Receive £1.00 (small box), £1.50 (large box) and £0.50 (linen bag) in store credit for each item returned. Your points will be added onto your Treaty Rewards system for you to use whenever you wish.

The return postage is at your own cost.

All returned boxes must be in good and reusable condition on return back to us, so please package them well.

Please post your items back to.

Treaty Returns, First Floor, 58 Church Street, Falmouth, TR11 3DS

Please include a note in the return parcel with name and email address. We will notify you when we have added the store credit to your account.

We hope this initiative will prevent waste and promote recycling!

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