Customer Catwalk: Meet our gorgeous Treaty Community

Customer Catwalk: Meet our gorgeous Treaty Community

We're continually blown away by our gorgeous customer snaps, each lovely lady styles the jewellery in her own individual way and her personality shines through the screen. Our jewels are here to enhance your mood and smile your way through the day. Think of it as a huge confidence boost wrapped neatly in a little pouch, and you can see from our community that everyone feels gorgeous wearing Treaty Jewellery.
Here's a few of our fashionista favourites...
  Treaty Jewellery Silver Statement necklace being worn by a gorgeous customer
Olga (above) is a real Treaty queen and doesn't she look gorgeous!
Treaty Cornwall has a new mega fan, silver statement pieces to make you feel fabulous!
My goodness doesn't Jemma look stunning!
We are so lucky to have her as a fan :)
Kniiting in all that silver- stunning. Jewellery wearing on a day to day basis at its best!
We love seeing Treaty fans stacking up there bangles! 
And why not finish it up with a Biba ring...
The Nelly necklace being worn by a fabulous Treaty Cornwall customer
The gorgeous Emily holding her Yorkshire Terrier on her birthday! 
Thanks for choosing the Nelly necklace for the occasion :)
Treaty Cornwall customer wearing a silver bracelet stunning crystal silver earrings
What a vibe, I LOVE THIS! The epitome of feeling good, wearing your favourite pieces and letting it shine through you! Thank you for sending in the pic Karen!
Meet Gemma (above) the official Treaty Jewellery photoshoot stylist and very cool lady! Since she has had a pair of Charlie earrings, every time i see her, she's wearing them! No joke, EVERYTIME! At first i thought she was flattering us by wearing them, by then i realised she just loves them.....
I thought i might throw in one of me, Gemma and Emily from before lockdown when we had a shoot! All of us wearing Treaty earrings and feeling fabulous!
Wow, doesn't Sharon look absolutely stunning here, what a babe! Aren't we lucky to have such gorgeous confident women in the Treaty family?!
The infamous Nelly necklace, a true Treaty classic!
I just adore this look! Dinner party styling at its best, covered in silver and feeling dazzling!
We are absolutely delighted to say that our Ariel Necklace was worn down the isle! Congratulations Jasmine and Toby :)
Cocktails! OMG so jealous of this right now, those earrings fit perfectly with some glamour!
These gorgeous tattoos and layered rings are a real look! Thank you!
Sharon looks utterly glamorous in her Aqua Necklace in Charcoal grey! I love how she's matched the hue of the crystals to her top and paired it with a gorgeous coral lipstick, warm blush and nude shimmery eyeshadow. She looks totally flawless and the dazzling crystals brings out the brilliance in her eyes.
Roxanne looks so beautiful in her Tamsin Necklace and bracelet set. It's such a playful set that brings out the fun and happiness in whoever wears it and if you want any more evidence it's in Roxanne's beaming smile! Also love how she's paired this with a contemporary print in a similar shape to the hearts themselves and in an equally happy colour - yellow!
Rybekka looks gorgeously feminine in her Lynx Earrings and Nina Choker, both in Crystal Clear. There's something about red lipstick and winged eyeliner that just makes you feel unstoppable and Rybekka is owning it! The Nina is truly Cleopatra esque, which compliments the eyeliner and Lynx has a leopard print pattern that mimics her leopard print jacket. This girl knows what she's doing!
Lastly, Soph is a true bohemian queen. From her interior styling to her wardrobe, this lady takes us back to the seventies and we're living for it! She wears the Aura Necklace with Kali Earrings for juxtaposing detailing- the necklace daintily frames the empty space in between her v-neck dress, whereas Kali is all about statement fringing that thrives on being seen and admired by all.

So there you have it. We're always over the moon to see how our jewellery makes our customers feel, so please send us your snaps if you haven't already, to be featured in next months Treaty Blog and Socials!

If you still need to be tempted into joining our Treaty Tribe, click the link below to see our dazzling customer reviews...


Lots of Love, Flo and Josh x x x x x x

Treaty Jewellery - Thank you for being you

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My beautiful piece of Treaty jewellery arrived 5 minutes ago and I couldn’t wait to tell you how delighted I am with it! It is JUST as the photo portrayed ( so many pieces aren’t) which is a huge relief.
I love the personal touches, the voucher and the prompt delivery.
I shall be wearing it tomorrow when I meet my equally jewellery obsessed friend and her mum! I shall be sure to sing your praises and point them to your website. Thank you sooo much and I’m so glad I’ve found you.
P.S. I’ve just ordered a gorgeous bracelet 👏🏻👏🏻

Debs Jones

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