Ethics at Treaty - A system of moral principles

Ethics at Treaty - A system of moral principles

Our producers are carefully chosen for their ethical approach, eco-friendly production and waste management methods.
With so many producers to choose from in our field we took our time to find the right fit.

Every piece from the Treaty collection is handmade by a professional in a safe, clean and light working environment.

Our suppliers must adhere to the EU standard of normal working hours, holiday and pay.

To create our Jewellery a traditional production method called 'The lost wax process' is used, this method has been used in Turkey for hundreds of years and creates a flawless aluminium alloy cast of the desired shape. The skill and knowledge of our producers is truly a spectacle to behold and can be seen in every piece.

To finish our jewellery we use a more modern technology and electroplate Silver onto the aluminium alloy core.

Historically cheap metals like Lead, Nickel and Cadmium have been common place in jewellery factories across the world to create cheaper core alloy's.

These metals if used could be harmful to the workers and create allergic reactions for the consumers.

To ensure cheap harmful metals stay out of our Jewellery, we test all new and ongoing products at the assay office in the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham.

This testing allows Treaty to confidently sell our products as hypoallergenic and suitable for 99.9% of skin types.

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