'Love is in the air' - A Valentine's day checklist

'Love is in the air' - A Valentine's day checklist

We know for some gifting jewellery to a loved one or that special someone for Valentines Day can sometimes be a daunting task. What kind of thing does she like? Will it fit her? - so many things to think about. So here at Treaty HQ we decided to put together a list of the most common things to consider when buying jewellery for someone else. 

1. Know your partners taste

It's time to get your detective hat on and start to notice the kinds of things that your partner already wears, this will determine the success of your gift so start noticing! Does she tend to go for chunky statement pieces or is her taste a bit more on the delicate side. Does she tend to go for more of a bangle rather than a bracelet? Do her necklaces always have a pendant or does she prefer a more simple design? If you're really not sure, why not message one of her close friends or relatives to ask their opinion.  


2. Will it fit?

Want to get her a ring but don't know her size? There are two options here, either have a look at one of her rings when its lying around and measure the circumference with a piece of string. There are lots of Ring sizing charts online to help you decide which size to buy. Alternatively, why not opt for an adjustable ring that way she can re-size it to fit whichever finger she decides to wear it on. 

3. 'She's a material girl in a material world'

There is a lot of different styles of jewellery on the market these days that are made out of many different metals. Again notice what she likes to wear already. If you only see her wearing silver jewellery its very likely that is her preference so may not wear a piece of Gold. (Or vice versa!) Some of the cheaper jewellery found out there can sometimes be made of mixture of metals that can sometimes cause allergic reactions in some people. If you're unsure of your partners skin sensitivity opt for a company that makes its jewellery out of kind materials - with out the use of Lead, Nickel or Cadmium. 

5. Presentation is the key

It's always lovely to receive a gift that has been packaged beautifully. Jewellery that has been displayed in a nice box or gift bag will add that extra luxury to your gift making the recipient feel that bit more special. You could even give gift wrapping a go, there are so many beautiful gift bags and bows/ribbons you can use to add that extra special something to your gift. And don't forget to follow it up with a lovely message or gift card. 

6. Get Organised!

Don't leave it to the last minute!!! Famous last words heh? In all seriousness if you're ordering online make sure you do it in good time for the postal service to get it to you on time. Start deciding early so you don't make a rushed decision that way she will know you have put a lot of thought and care over choosing something special for her. 


We hope this little list is a useful selection of things to consider when buying your special someone a gift for Valentines Day!

All our love, 

The Treaty Team xx

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