New Year, New You!

New Year, New You!

Happy New Year to our wonderful Treaty customers, we hope you've had a fabulous start to 2024!

As we settle down into the New Year we start to re-evaluate the past year and lots of us look to how we can make changes, improvements or introduce new and exciting things into our lives. As the weeks roll on we are that next step closer to the spring, a time of spring cleaning and fresh starts. So why not give your jewellery box a good going through and reassess how you wear your precious treasures. 


Take a look and some of our New Year ideas! 

 1. Mix it up

Why not try mixing different pieces together - the great thing about the Treaty pieces is that they are made so that they can be mixed and matched with each other! No more are you limited to only wearing a set - check out some of our ideas fro mixing and matching your pieces. 

2. Layering 

If you have that all time favourite necklace that you always wear - why not layer it each day with another piece. This style is very on trend and is a great way to wear all your favourite dazzling treasures at once - its a great way to brighten up those winter days, why not choose a cosy roll neck jumper and layer away! The trick is use the different lengths to your advantage.



3. Out with the old and in with the new 

If you look through your jewellery box and find that a update is due then why not scour the January sales, lots of shops still have their sales still live so grab yourself some bargains and do a complete revamp for the new year! 

A belated Happy New Year from us at Treaty and why not check out our own fabulous Winter Sale - a great and affordable way to restyle your jewellery collection with a new twist. 

25% of everything - but it won't stick around for long so get your skates on!!!!


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