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HAPPY NEW YEAR! If that’s acceptable to say in February... How are you doing?! We really hope you’re well and that you’ve had a brilliant start to the new year of 2021 - despite the rubbish weather and lockdown 3.0!!
We thought we’d get a cuppa, sit down and write a post to reflect on 2020 and tell you about the exciting things that we’ve got coming up in 2021, but most importantly, to say a huge thank you to all of our customers for getting us up to this point! 
Thank You!
We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported us over the last year in any way, shape or form - we really appreciate each and every one of you and wouldn’t be where we are today without you and all of your support! 
And for those who don’t know us - hello and welcome! We are Treaty Jewellery: an ethically-sourced, silver statement jewellery company run by the partner duo, Josh and Flo (pictured above), and we’re based down in a wonderful place called St Ives in Cornwall, UK! 
All of our pieces are designed here in St Ives with all of our beautiful customers in mind, whilst also keeping a close eye on all of the hottest trends hitting the jewellery and fashion industry to help our customers stay effortlessly on-trend.
As it’s also a New Year, we thought we’d take a moment to reflect that in May this year, it’ll be our first whole year that we’ve been running our Treaty Retail website and we’re ecstatic with how the past year has gone and we’re so excited for what this year will bring for us all!
“So what exciting stuff have you got coming up this year?” I hear you say?

Trending up with Treaty - Blog Series
With a New Year comes an array of new fashion trends, and if there’s one thing we love, we love our customers keeping up with the trends whilst looking and feeling great. So we’ve picked our favourite 2021 trends, broken-down each one so you don’t need to!
A sneak peek into the trends we’ll look into are: Crushed Metal Jewellery, Mismatched Earrings, Chunky Chains, Statement Crystal Jewellery and other fab trends, and in each blog we’ll talk a little bit about them, their origins whilst Flo, our Creative Director, will be your personal guide to dressing the jewellery up or down to suit any occasion!
2021 Spring Collection - OUT NOW
Our Spring 21 Collection is out now (launched 1st Feb 2021) and it’s a Limited Edition range of Sterling Silver plated jewellery which was hugely influenced by living by the seaside down here in St Ives, Cornwall. We absolutely loved designing this collection; some subtle pieces, some statement pieces, some in the middle, but most of all something for everyone and we were super proud to launch it! Check it out now by clicking here!
Summer, Autumn & Winter 2021 Collections - to be released!
We had loads of fun getting the Spring Collection wrapped up, but there's no time to relax as we’ve still got the next three seasons ahead of us! There's still loads to come as we’ll have a brand new collection for the Summer, Autumn and Winter months of 2021. 
Solid Silver Collection
All of the feedback, comments and questions we’re given are so important to us as it helps us build and grow as a company. Our products are made from Sterling Silver plated on aluminium, and over the years loads of you guys have asked for a Solid Silver range, so we’re super happy to announce that we’ll be releasing our first ever Solid Silver jewellery collection very soon! 
This collection will also be featuring our favourite model of the year, Gracie, and shot on our local beach - Gwithian. This collection is entirely a Limited Edition range, with some pieces only having three made.

So stay tuned! Sign up to our newsletter below to receive email updates and of course if you have any questions or feedback, please get in touch with us via this website, Facebook or Instagram because WE LOVE HEARING FROM YOU!

Take care and stay safe, 
Lots of love from
Flo and Josh
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